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  • Professional and efficient

    Attorney Chattopadhya offers not only a professional advice, but also a simple empathy. It was very helpful to me knowing, she is seeing me not as one more case in her carrier, but a person who is dealing with a complicated problem. I would highly recommend her services.

  • The Best Legal Experience

    I was naïve in my divorce proceedings, --I had not retained any counsel and believed my husband to be rational. The day I was sent a letter from his attorney, I completely unraveled and had to defend myself within a system I had no experience with. I was referred to Magdalena Law Group, and I couldn’t have been paired with a more experienced and judicious attorney. Magdalena reviewed my file and quickly understood how best to proceed. She was direct with me when I was emotional and it enabled me to digest the situation I was facing with clarity. I trusted her implicitly and retained her in our first meeting. Every divorce situation is unique and your well-meaning friends and family, while supportive, cannot represent you in court. Magdalena worked diligently to represent me, was always responsive, and was a strong defender for me when I was at my lowest. I cannot express how confident I was in her and in her group’s services, I truly feel the planets were aligned when I met her. I highly recommend Magdalena Law Group to those seeking divorce counsel.

  • Stress reliever!

    Magdalena is an extremely professional, caring, and reliable attorney. I was in the middle of a messy custody battle when I contacted her for legal advice. Her thorough and unbiased approach to my situation prepared me for all of the possible outcomes which ultimately alleviated many of my concerns. I will definitely contact Magdalena Law Group if I'm ever in need again, and I highly recommend her to anyone in need of assistance. Thank you Magdalena for everything.

  • Magdalena saved my divorce, PLEASE TRUST THEM to SAVE YOURS!!!!!

    Don't try and go it alone, you need an attorney and you can trust Magdalena!!!!! I won my divorce after my ex blind-sided me with divorce papers out of the blue. The ex tried to take the child and the property and leave me with all our marital debts. Magdalena kicked her boot in court and had the opposition lawyer scared from the word go. Take my word, don't call anyone else or you will lose valuable time and you won't get the top notch services at a fair price from Magdalena law. If you have been served papers or if you need to find out your rights, call Magdalena law group today!!!!! Divorce can ruin your life, don't call anyone else, Magdalena saved everything for me and I’m here telling the truth, she knows the law. One other fact, Magdalena law makes divorce as fun as possible because the whole team is just so good looking. Get revenge on the spouse and hire the smartest and hottest law team in the bay area, Magdalena law group, do it now and your case is half won already!!!!

  • Rescued my child custody problem

    I have been having a child custody problem for the last many years. My ex wife refuses to give me our daughter. My previous attorney was ineffective. I hired Magdalena and the whole picture has changed. I get to see my daughter now.

  • Best at what she does

    I loved What Magdalena did for me, she was really doing her job to get me what I wanted. She knows her stuff, you can tell she is very passionate at what she does. I felt like I could trust her with my case, if I had questions or concerns her and her assistant would respond back right away. They kept me well informed about my case and what can happen in court. She really was very helpful....thank you

  • I would recommend everyone I know to at least get a free consultation.

    Hired attorney I tried to get through my custody case alone, I filed out all the paper work and did my own research for years. in the end, all of the information I was able to read on the internet seemed to be wrong and what worked for others did not work for me. I obviously wasn't getting anywhere and was not able to obtain any additional time with my daughter, even thought it was in her best interest. I received a free consultation from Magdalena where she was able to clarify what the court would be looking for, provided every step I would need to take, and paved the way to certain strategies she thought would beneficial to my specific case. I did not hire the Magdalena Law Group until the very last minute because I realized I was walking into a war zone without any equipment. They were able to quickly understand my case (even though I have not spoken to her in over a year) and get everything ready for court, which ended up in my complete favor. The Magdalena Law Group is definitely in it to win it, they are a must have. I would recommend everyone I know to at least get a free consultation.

  • She is great

    She is strong personality, clear out everything on the case, she seems very much understand how the system works. I have a sort out of my financial, if not, I would pick her to represent for my case, she is great.

  • Friendly and Compassionate

    Magdalena was extremely professional, friendly and compassionate. She explained things in great detail and was happy to answer all my questions. She was extremely easy to reach also.

  • Magdalena gave my case 200%

    I am so glad that I hired Magdalena. I have been paying lawyers for the last 8 years and they did nothing for me. I lost all hope of getting my son, but it all changed after I met Magdalena. She was professional, passionate, knowledgeable. She kept me informed on every detail of my case. Magdalena and her group worked longs hours on my case. She showed how much she cared about her clients. I never dreamed of getting my son, but it happened. I can't thank enough Magdalena and her group. I will always be grateful to everyone that assisted her.

  • Amazing lawyer

    Made the divorce process so simple and less emotional! She was quick to respond to any questions or concerns I had. I will recommend her law office to everyone in need of legal services!

  • I'm very happy with all the hard work she's done.

    I worked with Magdalena for a little over a year and through everything shes been great. Towards the end changes in my life threw my case a few curve balls but she stayed patient with me and won my case. I'm very happy with all the hard work she's done.

  • I can finally move on thanks to Magdalena Law Group!

    I am very happy with the services of Magdalena Law Group. I just got my divorce judgment and feel like some great weight has lifted off my shoulders. I am pleasantly surprised that Magdalena finalized my divorce so fast. I was self-represented for many years, stressed, and could not get my court case moving through the system. Now I am done, the house is sold, and I am ready to get my fresh start in life. Attorneys at Magdalena Law Group were very professional, knowledgeable, friendly, and reasonably-priced. I recommend them to anyone who needs assistance with their divorce and property division.

  • Life changing consultation

    If you truly care about the well being of your child and need a real honest assessment this is the attorney. She is worth every penny! Honest and straight forward and has the utmost integrity in this field. I was blinded about my custody issues before consultation. Magdalena is a REAL person who is SHARP and WITTY!!!! And puts children's BEST INTEREST first. She proved her integrity to me during our very lengthy consultation. She heard my whole story which involved my deployment to Afghanistan and my desperate desire to be with my children. She LISTENS, paraphrases, and ensures you understand all perspectives on your case. She is humorous and serious and is very familiar with the system and the characters involved. She even understands what particular judges are looking for and their quirks and pet peeves involving cases. This attorney is the real deal. I never write reviews but what she did for me today in only a consultation enlightened me and changed my entire approach to my custody case. Trust me, she is worth it. Very perceptive. She went the extra length from meeting with me to breaking the law down for me. With all the unethical attorneys out there Magdalena easily proves she is NOT one of them. I will never forget this life changing close to 3 hour consultation. Thank God she maintains a standard in a field which dedicates itself to maintaining functioning families! Life changing for me. I am thankful for her advice. Again, worth every penny. I can't stop raving!!!!

  • Excellent attorney; professional and personable

    Magdalena took over after another lawyer totally screwed up my divorce/spousal support/property division case. Not only did she fix the paperwork mess, but also found the solution to get money out of my ex without prolonging the procedures and charging an arm and a leg for it. She is very responsive and gets straight to the point, which I personally like. I highly recommend her.